The South must align to rule –Imo APC

The Publicity Secretary of the Imo State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya has said that Southern Nigeria must align and forge alliances with the North if they must rule.


Responding to questions on the possible moves for alignment, realignment and shopping of a favourable presidential candidate for the South, Onwuasoanya said: “At the moment, the party is focused on reconciliation and harmonisation in line with the mandate of the last National Executive Committee meeting of the party.


You know there were issues that threatened to polarize our party.


Those issues are being taken care of now and what should concern every party member at this moment is the survival and continued viability of the party.”


He averred that the APC believes in fairness and the preservation of Nigeria’s plurality and that it would be good to get all interests on the table and resolve whatever issues there are in a democratic manner.


Onwuasoanya continued:

“The way Nigeria is structured; it would be foolhardy for any group or section of the country to think they can do the business of politics without reaching out to other sections of the country.


There must be collaborations and coalitions across power blocs and geopolitical zones.” On political realignment and the forging of new alliances, Onwuasoanya was not explicit in his submission but conceded that the South must align to rule and may be presently going into alliance with other regions across the country ahead of 2023.


“Obviously, even if the three geopolitical zones in the Southern part of the country unite they won’t be able to produce a President without forming alliances with the North; so, there must be alliances across the Niger.”


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