The true spiritual progress

1 Timothy 5:13 says: Beside, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busy bodies who talk nonesense, saying things they ought not to.


Don’t think you ahbe found true peace if you feel no burden or that all is well if you have no enemy or to be perfect “is to have everything so the way you wish”. In giving yourself and your whole heart to the divine will and not seeking your own interest in either small or great things in either tune or eternity.


By so doing, you will remain steadfast and give thanks in both prosperity and adversity and will judge all things. So courageous and patiently hopeful that when inward comfort is withdrawn, you can prepare your heart to suffer even gretaer things. And do not justify yourself as if you should these afflictrance or even greater ones by we must acknowledge Him.


Then we can walk in the true and right way of peace, give our strength to resist, patient to endure and faithfullness to persevere instead of all comforts of the would give me the sweet balm of your spirit. Don’t entangled with an excess, we desire of your heart through nature has to be substain by the thing it needed. Most time I prayed that God should govern and teach me so that I run not exceed what is lawful. Romans 12 vs 21.


Behold food, drink, clothes and other necessities for maintaining the bodies are the burden to a fervent spirit, we must have a true foundation to build on our Christian life. Romans 7 vs 14-20. If you walk spiritually, you will not be bothered by fleeing words its wise to keep silent in all time, the powerful hand is able to take even temptation from you.


The thing that keeps many Christian away from spiritual progress and heavenly comfort the most is that they are top slow and lazy in turning to prayer. Job 1 vs 21-22. After Job encountered difficuties and temptation he had inconclusion theres possibilities to bring you out of sorrow.


Prayer is a great tool for spiritual progress, Many are spiritually weak and faint in faith let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afriad. Trust in me and be confident of my mercy when we think almost everything is lost, often your greatest reward is close at hand. Nature look at outward things of a person, grace look at the inward things.


Since our outward affections are highly corrupted out actions that proceed from them are naturally corrupts also which proof of our lack of inward strength. I pray for everyone reading the message you will not lose your strength for devil. Psalm 55 vs 6.


There is a great difference before the wisdom of an enlightened and devout person and the knowledge of a learned and studious person a practical study of the word we needed to be spiritually progress, that is why there are so few who truly meditate on spiritual matters. Unless we entangled to study the words we cant attend to divine things


. 2 Timothy2 vs 15 “We are not careful where our affection lies or sorrow over the impurity in all our actions. After thinking about it only slightly, we break our concentration and do not strictly examine our works and evaluate them.


No ma n can have perfect liberty unless you completely deny yourself. Those who only seek their own interest and are lovers of themselves are chains – they are conveteous, curious and wanderous for all that is not of God will fail.


Give up everything and you will find everything, give up every immoderate desire and you will find rest. The flush is truly wise, for it have to change from pride to truth and from flush to spirit. John 4:24; We must lives by spirit of God to spiritually develop our mind for the things pertaining to eternity


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