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I do not intend to fall into the category of those who have lost faith in our dear country Nigeria, because I believe that nations are bound to go through some challenges before they get to their Olympian height, but the realities that stare me in the face everyday often leave me nonplussed.

I get worried that we have descended to this level of madness and anarchy, a situation that exposes the weaknesses in our system and leaders, where truth is sacrificed on the altar of greed, avarice and self-aggrandizement. How can Nigeria grow when it is anchored on subterfuge, lies, and fraud?


While corruption is daily well kitted in double breasted suit, elegantly sitting on top of the boardroom chair, nepotism walks the corridors of power, ably supported by favouritism.


They deliver hunger, poverty, deprivations and impoverishment to the citizens as take home ingredients while killing the zeal to be patriotic in our dealings.


The righteous is easily punished, the guilty is often celebrated with pomp and pageantry. Just imagine this; for simply asking the PDP chairman to come clean on finances of the party, the state chairman took illegality to the mountain tops, declaring that I have been expelled. Is it a crime to demand accountability?


Let me not bore you with my present engagements with those who have become oligarchs within the PDP, who also see request for transparency and accountability as a sacrilege. It is a societal issue that will be dealt with someday to help Nigeria gets its acts together on the threshold of progress.


One incident that touched my inner recesses last week was the sudden death of our Chief of Army Staff and 10 others by air crash. I am not only pained at the sad incident, I am appalled by the fact that Mr. President, Vice President and the Senate President did not deem it fit and proper to pay their last respects to persons that had been on the front line in the fight against insurgency and other crimes. The psychological drawback of that singular action of the nation’s first three citizens would come to hunt us later.


For any security personnel, a soldier, policeman, security operatives and others, psychology has a lot of role to play in motivating them to work. Motivation and confidence boosting incentives are also very important in ensuring that the persons display their unflinching loyalty and high sense of patriotism in the discharge of their responsibilities.


It is not so much about their survival alone, it is also more about what treatment they get from a system they have laboured hard to uphold, and what eventually befall their families when they meet their untimely death.


Life has become cheap in Nigeria because death walks on the street every minute, but for the life of a Chief of Army Staff, the number one citizen of the army, the treatment you accord his death, will also help boost the morale of others who are mourners and also in the line of duty. President Buhari, VP Osinbajo and Senate President have no excuse not to be at the military burial site to pay the last respects to these gallant officers who met their end suddenly and shockingly on that fateful Friday, 21st May, 2021.


The shocking behaviour of the first three citizens has further deepen the schism often rehashed that public service has become a thankless job under this government and that president Buhari does not care a hoot about anyone other than himself.


He came from France where he had spent four days and flown for several hours, but it became a herculian task for him to attend such an important farewell just at his backyard. How do we motivate other officers to take their job more seriously when they are least appreciated at death?


Our security personnel from DSS, Police and Soldiers have become victims in the course of carrying out their responsibilities.


Their families are hardly taken care of. Often times, their widows and children become desolate, abandoned and left to face the stark realities of poverty and hunger.


With this singular act of a presidency that has become a poisoned brand, patiotism will be utterly hurted. I have often argued that president Buhari is actually the problem of Nigeria.


His leadership style is out of tune with the expectations of a modern day, contemporary leadership with a hands-on approach to engaging issues. In search of a problem-solving leadership in 2015, Nigeria got a huge problem on her hands.


First, the taciturn approach of the president became an anathema to the speed-lane approach that is desirously needed to contend with our challenges. Secondly, the president’s “baba oyoyo” status enriches sychophancy by those who are pretentiously urging him on as the best thing to have happened to Nigeria and dubiously exploiting the system to their selfish end.


Rather than tell the president the bitter truth, you see them churning out nebulous graphs to showcase banalities in the name of achievements when hunger and poverty have become the twin evil of a system that continues to castrate our well being.


Thirdly, president Buhari’s selfeffacing attitude does not represent any motivation to rally round the collective to provoke national consensus on issues that should attract our collective participation.


In a multi-ethnic society with disparate interests, the dialogue resource is an indulgence we cannot run away from, coupled with constructive engagement and collective bargaining on issues that should ordinarily factorise our common ancestry and nationality.


But president Buhari is generously unruffled even under certain catastrophies, without showing emotions and concerns. His presence is hardly felt and his interventions are often not subject of rigorous interrogation of the issues. An emotive president is one that is desired at a time of blood-letting across the land. His failure to show up at the oration site of the Chief of Army Staff ’s burial and other officers is an excellent F9 if he were subjected to emotional intelligence test.


But once you have a government with sectional and ethnic jingoists like the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami, who is often caught offguard in public utterances, what to expect from such a government revolves around nepotism. This is the level of degeneration that the country has attained as we drift from one foible to another in our sojourn under a Buhari presidency.

This presidency has been calamitous and under-performing. The actors are swimming in corruption and bathing with waters of infamy. The leadership is agitated and restlessly tuned to harass perceived critics of government.


This is Nigeria of today. A country of fatalities and banalities. Now, when you try to rationalise the utterances of some public actors in the political arena, you see the dubiety of scenarios and the dishonesty of intentions, factors which cannot promote any consensus in our heart of hearts.


Listen to Governor Ayade when be defected to the ruling APC, you will almost throw up venoms. How can a Professor in this contemporary times score president Buhari any positive at a time of national anomie and dislocations. How is president Buhari building the Nigerian nation; by staying inside the villa incommunicado with us or by the failed options he chooses to take?


Does it not appear crystal clear to him that Nigeria is not working? Sooner, we will be forced to swallow the bitter phlegm of increased pump price of petrol in such geometric proportion in the name of complete subsidy removal.


Who is fooling who? A government that promised heaven on earth has succeeded in giving us hell on earth, rendering us impotent and making us beggars in the midst of plenty. Government policies are beautifully crafted on paper, but dead on arrival at implementation.


The government dabbles into several options without thinking them through, and often drags its feet when it ought to promptly take decisions. Poverty reduction mechanisms are as ineffective as those proposing them.


The Naira is weak while productivity is low. Nigeria is becoming like the proverbial plague that must be dealt with a long pole. Companies are exiting our shores. Insecurity is growing, arson and killings have taken over, while the electoral body is also having its own share.


A problematic country parading an old man who is not entirely well, cannot find its bearing around all the dominant issues staring us in the face. This country must endure.


This country must tolerate the exigencies of the moment, imbibe more patience, and gradually look up to May 29th, 2023, when we will thank God for surviving the Buhari holocaust. It is a date we cannot wait to witness




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