Thor’s hammer up for sale for £40,000



You can own the hammer used by Chris Hemsworth in the Thor films – but it’ll set you back £40,000.

Fans with that kind of spare cash will be eager to hear that this is the exact same hammer Chris used in the critically-acclaimed 2011 Marvel blockbuster, and may still contain teeny tiny beads of Chris’s sweat (we kid).

The item goes on sale at the Prop Store in London on September 26.

It’s part of a huge haul of film and entertainment memorabilia the store put up for auction once per year.

Other items from this year’s ‘heroes and villains’ haul includes costumes, models and other props.

Memorabilia from The Corpse Bride, L.A Confidential, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Troy, James Bond and Robocop are also up for auction.

There are hundreds of film items included totalling a predicted £3million pounds’ worth of sales, reports

Other items fans will make waves about before the sale include Superman’s tunic, Magneto’s helmet from X-Men and Jack Nicholson’s ‘Joker’ Batman costume.

Further items available on the day include Arnold Schwarzenegger’s costume from Terminator 3, boxing shorts from Rocky III and a model of King Kong used in the 1976 film.

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