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To sleep or not to sleep in a bra

For many years, women have been faced with serious concerns about wearing a bra regularly. Especially whether it is good to wear this piece of tight underwear to bed or not.

Health experts have released information on why it may not be ideal to wear bra to sleep. A second look at the topic by Lingerie expert and CEO, Brief Essentials, Nigeria’s Leading Destination for Lingerie, Shapewear and Underwear Solutions, Seun Tayo-Balogun and her team shows a whole new dimension to the issue.


There have been several speculations that wearing a bra to bed prevents sagging and promotes firm uplift of the breasts. Some of the discoveries by the team explains some of the myth about wearing bras to sleep.


In a street questionnaire research, some people have said wearing a bra to bed prevents sagging, while some others say it’s bad for your health.


The team’s discoveries are as follows:
1. If you have to wear a bra to bed – think comfort, avoid bras with under-wires, and ensure there is enough room for freedom.


  1. Whether you sleep in your bra or not, the breast tissue naturally loosen over time. According to several research reports, it is only possible to combat the stretch by wearing a bra during the day. However, bedtime is a different story. At night, our breast tissue doesn’t have the gravitational pull as we are lying down,
    so we don’t need to wear a bra for prevention reasons.


  1. If you, however, have to wear a bra, you have to avoid bras that’s too tight but comfortable enough to give enough support without restriction. Thankfully most women on our social media timeline are doing right.


The team’s verdict:


You don’t have to wear a bra to sleep and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bra while you sleep too, if that’s what you’re comfortable with. If you however have to wear a bra to sleep, always think comfort over everything and choose wireless breathable bras.


Sleeping in a bra will not make the breasts perkier or prevent them from getting saggy and it won’t even stop them from growing.


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