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Trumped democracy

This is what you get when an unschooled mind decides to lead the charge in a country that has a rich history of democracy. And Trump has just shown his awkwardness and profound idiocy in trying to break the nexus that connects America to the world: democracy.


Thank God for a system that boasts of strong institutions driven by patriotic citizens who are always ready to defend their hard-won democracy after the wars of independence three centuries ago.


A country driven by its own history will always act as a reminder to lawless power mongers like Trump who was poised to rock the boat and create a new paradigm of indignation for his selfish end. Donald Trump was acting his name and character in the face of humiliating defeat by 78 years old Joe Biden.


The American spirit has since departed him. The aura of that office has departed him and Trump is now feeling rejected and lonely in the inner fortress of the White House after a gale of resignations by his erstwhile lieutenants. When you race again time, against an action, against a country resolute to take back their homeland, the concomitant effect could be so devastating.


Handling Trump’s excesses was becoming delicate for a country that has suffered miserably in the hands of COVID-19 pandemic. It’s like trying to kill a mosquito that perches comfortably on one’s scrotum; the balancing act must be conscionably applied.


Some of us are not taken aback by Trump’s brutish bravado nor are we surprised at the turn of event. Every bit of Trump’s administration has been a drama of absurdity, his mannerism, his gait, his character, his conduct, his tweets, his reasoning, all woven into one incongruous collections that defined his persona.

If he was going to destroy himself, not so for a democracy that has survived the era of the Jacobian scandal club, to remain a huge export to the world. With all the imperfections, American democracy has survived centuries and in the process, become unarguably the best form of government.


That moral code of being the global watchdog was almost decoded by a Trump’s response to his broad-day defeat. Leaked audio tape had captured Trump’s resort to fraud, asking for votes to be manufactured in his favour to alter an election that was already concluded.


The climax of his roguementality was the act of insurrection that ridicules America’s moral badge of courage. Hooligans and protesters took to the street in Washington DC and kept Capitol Hill on its toes. Images of protesters scaling the barricades and climbing into the plenary arena, was the lowest for Trump’s desperation to destroy what it took America over 200 years to build. It was a reign of terror for a country that is yet to get its adrenaline in order.


The Capitol Hill’s ugly episode was a typical scene from Nigeria’s parliament when it fell under siege in 2018 when agents of the presidency tried to undo the then Senate President, Bukola Saraki. Lawmakers were scaling the fence, as they tried to bulwark against the rampaging security goons that were poised to effect change of leadership. It was laughable and condemnable, but with happenings in Trump’s America, it seems to be the new normal.


That Capitol Hill exercise was the last straw that exposed Trump’s trumping character as a man of desperation whose selfishness is tellingly destructive. He did not care a hoot if American democracy is destroyed insofar his aspiration to stay put remains intact.


He was ready to stain America’s democratic garment, rubbish its credentials, and impose a mob rule that would sustain his grip on the levers of power. He didn’t contemplate the fact that a country with functional institutions does not cling to a president with fading power, but to its constitution, its eternal sacred creed. Trump was seen in the White House watching the drama in the Capitol Hill, expressing some delight, just to make the point that his gang of sinuous fawns are at peace with him.

After the exercise, four persons were reportedly dead. Those were avoidable deaths but Trump’s blood stained fingers will remain the testament of a man of crisis, blinded by power, driven by inordinate ambition of clinging to power, when power has deserted him.


Trump is going to leave America with numerous hubris. How to regain America’s moral authority against intemperate, sit-tight African leaders, will be a tall order, at a time, when constitutions are being amended to promote tenure elongation. At present, America is heavily polarised.


The sharp differences between blacks and whites, Latinos, Hispanics and other races that make America God’s own country, will take some time to abate.


Biden will have a lot on his hands to chew on. How to unite a country that has promoted hooliganism, thuggery and political protestations under an intemperate President Trump, will be a most demanding task, amid a pandemic that has eaten deep into Americans.


America surely needs urgency in its leadership disposition to curb all the negative indices that Trump has wrought on a system that has become the laughing stock of the world.


The statistics from COVID-19 impact are frightening; the rising deaths, and victims of a ravaging virus, that is no respecter of anyone. In the wake of the insurrection, Americans were faced with another virus, Donald Trump. His leadership emanations were becoming cancerous on a system that least expected such lethargy.


Rather than combat the COVID-19 disease, it made more sense to combat the Trump virus, to save America, secure the union, before it implodes.


The likes of Trump have become a huge lesson to be learnt in any renewed effort at recruiting candidates for the Oval Office. Trump’s mental attitude surely needs therapy. In our daily lives, mental health is becoming a more debilitating issue than high blood pressure, diabetes, and other human aliments. Once your mental health becomes a subject of concern, it requires serious psychological counselling to get off the radar.


Trump is undoubtedly a candidate for mental rehabilitation. And this must be treated with utmost seriousness and undiluted attention. The man needs to be at peace with himself and his environment, after his exit from the exalted office. He needs to be cultivated with caution, made to go through mental therapy before he could alight from his high-horse.


Allowing him to exit power without an exit plan to heal his mental health issue, might be counterproductive for a country that has too many items on its menu list. Trump’s theory of conspiracy and rigging of the election that was seen to be a true reflection of the wishes of Americans, only goes to show how desperate he has become.


Trump like a sinking ship, tried to clutch at every flotsam to remain afloat, dragging everything on sight, to finally crumble the narrative. But for a system that is buoyed by strong institution, Trump’s insurrection would have lighted up America into political darkness.


Biden and his Vice must immediately rise up to the occasion to rescue a nation that has been under the grip of two viruses: Trump and COVID-19.


They must rise to the huge challenge of healing the nation and restore its morality, albeit with bruises. The ripple effect of where Trump has taken America will begin to manifest.


Will they derive courage to rein in African leaders that are traditional riggers of elections? Will they still possess that golden voice to condemn rigged elections and the use of thugs to cause violence during and after elections?


Will America be easily referred to as ‘Trumped Democracy’ having been dealt a blow by Trump and his errant followers?


What will be America’s response to the litany of rigged elections in Nigeria, nay Africa? Will they be able to derive that morality to call Nigerians to order? It will take some time to sink.


This is why Biden must commence the process of healing the wounds and repair the damage that Trump has thrust on America, an image that typifies the best of democracy around the world, but thoroughly impugned by a bull in a China shop.


The healing of America must start now before the ingredients and unhealthy attributes of a Trumped Democracy begin to settle in. That may be too dangerous for a country and global arena that appears too encumbered by many challenges




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