Tune into the Resources

When I was a student at the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, I requested for money and foodstuffs from my parents. I wished touse part of the money to attend an ECK regional seminar.

I was happy when my parents informed me my sister was coming with both money and the food items, because I could attend the seminar and have enough food supply to keep me for the rest of the semester.

My sister left our hometown very early in the morning for the about two hours drive.

However, she didn’t arrive until late in the evening. I became curious. She said they were robbed, yet she gave me half of the money and half of the food items. Robbed?

Where was she since the robbery? She re- plied that she stayed with her friend.

Suspicious, I wondered, What kind of robbers would share both money and foodstuffs into two parts with a victim?

I called her friend and was shocked when she told me that I should thank my sister for the money and food items she gave her.

I was totally upset by her action because I saw my plans to attend the ECK seminar dashed, and the supply depleted. In my angry mood, I heard an inner voice, “Everything happens for a reason.”

This calmed me down, and I reconsidered the circumstances.

Then I began to sing HU, an ancient name for God. My changed attitude surprised my sister.

That night, I did a spiritual exercise before going to bed. I told the Inner Master that I wasn’t happy with my sister’s conduct, and the hardship it held for me.

Then I requested an explanation, if possible.

In a dream, my sister and I are children of the same parents.

She is a teacher in a nearby village, has several children, with little resources that made raising them very difficult. She trusts me and gives me custody of some of her children.

Though I accept them, I know I hadn’t the capacity to care for them. One day, an equestrian visits our village, and I sell one of her sons without disclosing it to her.

When a war breaks out in our community, a soldier shot me dead. I was shaken when I woke up.

As I began to decipher the meaning, I saw the connection between my sister’s action, and mine in the dream. I realized it could have been worse.

With this understanding, my attitude changed from anger to love. I called my parents to inform them to forgive her, because I had.

This insight restored harmony between me and my sister, and our family.

It reconfirmed the truth that our past actions come back to us, and the importance of practicing the spiritual exercise of ECK to help me tune into the resources needed for a happier life.

I thank the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master for this gift of love.

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