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Ubi Franklin: I almost committed suicide because of cyberbullying

Nigerian music star, Ubi Franklin says he attempted suicide several years ago over cyberbullying. The serial entrepreneur made this known via his Twitter page recently, while reacting to the viral video of a young man, Izu, reading his suicide note minutes before he killed himself. Franklin said he was bullied on social media a few years ago which made him depressed and resulted in several failed attempts at committing suicide.

“I watched this video of IZU reading out his suicide note before he took his life and I remembered doing this several times 3 years ago unsuccessfully and I am here today,” he tweeted. “I got bullied so much on Instagram in the last two years that I started getting depressed again and this time I told myself “Ubi” who are these people talking about you? Do you know them or their families?” “Everyone has something they are hiding and won’t tell the public but go on social media to bully others of things that they also have done or their parents have or their brothers, sisters, and friends have done.”

Franklin says he is using his platform to rewrite his wrongs because of the people who look up to him as their role model. “So I started using my platform to speak against the mistakes I have made in life that I feel can be avoided by someone watching my lives or reading about how I have turned my dark days into brighter/ beautiful days and letting people know the truth that is not always told on SM,” he tweeted. “Social media is full of controlled narratives, the things that don’t make social media that I know are many.

Do married men come on social media to say they have multiple girlfriends? Or do married women come on social media to they have a side guy/ guys?” Franklin is a music entrepreneur and founder of record label Made Men Music Group (Triple MG). The Madonna University- trained lawyer, doubles as the Special Adviser to the Cross River state governor on Tourism.

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