Velvet loafers: The luxury heritage-inspired style

Worried about the gift item to present to your loved one this Valentine Day? Luxury heritage-inspired velvet loafers will always be appreciated. Velvet loafers are a controversial style that has been making waves within the fashion industry. Also known as Prince Albert slippers (the royal was said to be a fan). Defined by their obvious slip-on style and slight heel, velvet loafers are often textured in appearance, due to their traditionally velvet or suede outer.

This luxury, heritage-inspired styles can also feature detailing such as tassels or embroidered monograms. Velvet loafers are sharp and comfortable, surprisingly versatile everyday footwear alternative. They are often considered a lavish lounge option, reserved for royalty but, they have become all-purpose shoes for men of style.

They are as suitable for black tie as they are for a weekend shopping session. Intimidating as velvet loafers may seem, the trick is to wear them like you would wear a pair of every other type of loafers with confidence and without any second-guessing because the velvet loafers doesn’t need conscious effort to pull them off.

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