Prophet Alex Oluwatosin is the Senior Pastor in Christ Obedience Revival Ministry

We started the church from an eatery, says Prophet Oluwatosin

Prophet Alex Oluwatosin is the Senior Pastor in Christ Obedience Revival Ministry. He is a product of the University of Lagos. In this interview with OLADELE NOJIMU, he speaks about the church’s 12 anniversary and its landmark achievements so far


Could you tell us what prompted you to establish this ministry 12 years ago?

Nothing prompted me. It was like a divine revelation and inspiration of the Lord Almighty to found Christ Obedience Revival Ministry. As a pastor, there was revelation from different prophets, pastors who are very close, even the one I don’t know. I had seen that myself from a very long period of time, and I was born to be a pastor. God sent me to go and serve this purpose on earth. I went to Mountain of fire, Winners’ Chapel; one in Chicago affiliated to one Bible School Institution, Wobil and MFM Warfare School.

What is the theme of this year’s anniversary?

This is The Season of Supernatural Power. It was the Lord that gave the theme. I’m a spiritual person. I don’t just pick the theme myself. We do 40 days of fasting and prayer so that we can get a direction from the Lord before this convention. The theme for the year came from God through inspiration.

What has been your biggest joy in this ministry?

Wow! Seeing myself doing what God has called me to do is my biggest joy. It has not been easy. I have seen different challenges, things that can make me give up but because the journey is directly genuine from God. If it is not genuine you won’t have seen what you have seen in the church today. I think that is why he has not disappointed me, even when I have my own failure, my own mistakes, he has not abandoned me. He still proves to me that ‘I called you. I have to honour you.’ That’s what we have been enjoying.

How do you deal with temptation of the flesh as a man of God?

The first thing is that we deal with the flesh which is the body, by fasting and prayer. I was brought up in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church. I left there to start what I am doing here. I have been trained on how to fast.

And your church has been an independent church?

Yes, it is an independent church. God gave me the vision; God gave me the mandate, and established it.

How many branches do you have?

I have one in Abuja, at Apo, beside Holy Ghost Center.

Can you tell the people about your church programme?

On Sunday, we have glorious service from 8 a.m. to 11a.m. On Tuesday, we have Miracle Hours from 9 to 12. Thursday we have Breakthrough Hours from 5 p.m. to 7 pm. We have the First Friday of every month, Possibility Night, and our convention comes up every year. We do 40 days fasting before our convention and before we cross to the New Year we do marathon fasting, three days, no water and food, we pray our way    to New Year.


When you started the church, how was the experience?


God had prepared everything. I started inside a house. Somebody gave us a place; another person brought the instruments and everything. Immediately, within two weeks somebody gave us a space in an eatery for us to worship. This church started inside an eatery.


How do you see Christians participating in politics?


There is nothing bad about it. If the Bible can register it in Genesis, how Moses ruled in Israel and he mentioned the journey of different people that have ruled as part of government and they ruled well and they are all Christians.

When we are talking about Christian participating in politics it means they should know what they are doing there; know your rights; do what is right and do the right thing. But when we are talking about Nigeria politics, it is very dirty to the extent that Christians involve themselves (in what they did not expect). That is why you see Christians dragging back and that is not the solution. We have to be involved, and for our country to be okay, we need people who are sanctified, the sacred people need to be involved so that we can correct the errors going on within the political arena.

What is your view concerning the 2023 general election?

Evil can’t happen in this election. Why? When things are being revealed to prophet or pastors, things God wants them to cry out to him, it shows us that this is what is going to happen to us. We return to him in fasting and prayer to handle it. Some people are coming for this election for their selfish interests. ‘I want to get there by force. If I don’t get there, something bad will happen or nothing good will happen.’ But our prayer is to ensure things will go well.

Do you have any regrets ever since you established this ministry?

Yes I have. Things I am supposed to pay attention to, sometime when we establish a ministry the goal is to see more people coming to the ministry, seeing money, buying cars. It is not like that. The only thing is that by opening the door for everybody, the church shouldn’t scrutinize whether this one is for God or not, or whether they are well-trained. That’s the only thing I regret.

What is your advice to the youth in this current situation in the country?

Thank you. God bless you. The youths don’t have a stand. They were being monopolized; they may no longer understand they are the chore of this nation.


You understand me, an average youth’s focus now is money and anything that you are doing that you put money first, you will    not get satisfaction and commitment to that thing. Youths should trace their way back and look at the future. They should also learn from older people. What programmes do they have? How is it going to come back to themselves? What are they capable of doing that will make the future better?

Look at youth these days, a lot of things are involved. Some kind of attitude, lifestyle, character, and manner that is not godly. So we need to help the youth in prayers and also encourage them to get closer to God. You know God has no meaning to many youths today. This is due to what they have seen in the church.


They have sinned against the body of Christ as well. I want the youth to also know that Christ came for them; Christ wants them; Christ also wants to be part of their own life. They should understand that. When I was younger, when I became Born Again in 1991, I fell out of church later and found my way back in 1998 in Lekki Redeemed Christian Church of God.

What is your advice to the parents who have been persuading their wards to make money at all cost?

When you look at this church here, I don’t permit nonsense here. I advise the parents and all that, all what you are seeing today within the parents and the youths is because of the circumstances, where nobody is ready to make changes. I want you to understand very, very well, no parents in this generation want their children to be left behind.

They all want their children to be there, either they go to school or they don’t go to school, get a job or not, all they want is the children to ride a car, to live one kind of lifestyle. Likewise some ladies who dress somehow to attract the opposite sex, they are mortgaging their future. They are going to pay and have the results of what they have used their body to do. So parents should pay serious attention to their children, and train them on the  way they should live in society.

What is your advice to the upcoming pastors?

Let’s just say this, the ministry is not easy. Those who are up there, a lot of them are not what they said they are. Do you understand me? The ministry is not that easy. They should go and take the mentality of being in one church, ‘God called me’ when you are supposed to be a Sunday School teacher, or when you are supposed to be handling announcements, you say you want to establish a church because somebody gave you a Bible in dream.

Challenges in the ministry can take one’s life, and we are not to blame for it. What I am saying in essence is that if you are not ready, don’t get into it. Be ready financially, be ready to sacrifice your time, life. If you are not ready to obey everything that He has taught you, don’t venture into it. If you enter it on your own, you will suffer it on your own.

I tell some people they say, ‘if I establish my own ministry, God we supply money.’ I said yes, but it will be on your efforts, going to the house and sleeping without follow up, no fasting and prayer, no evangelism and say God will surprise you, he won’t surprise. He will even leave you for Satan to punish you.

Do you have any advice for the believers in Christ?

Christianity has come to the time that we let us know the truth. Some men of God at the top there are billionaires; they don’t care what happens to the Christian body. Some men of God are not fighting for the kingdom, in the sense that they are not working with what they confessed. They leave people to die in trouble. We should preach to save, that was the primary assignment of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came with reconciliation. The second thing he introduced salvation, he preached from one door to another with love.





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