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When your husband struggles with your child

Girl’s breasts are big points of attraction, no doubt. It is also every woman’s pride. When sexuality rises in a man, then his lips needs something to kiss and some warm and soft organ is needed for his tongue. In such a situation, it gives pleasure to both man and woman, when the waves of current flows through the woman’s body, this makes the man feel a wave down to his penis.


Someone described it as ‘fucking awesome!’ In a group chat, he also described it as soft, squishy, firm, saggy, tender, tough, white, black, lots of other interesting colours, textures, shapes, sizes, smells, etc.


“They are just so much fun to play with! I can’t even tell you how much I love breasts; kissing, fondling, licking, sucking, rubbing, and anything else to them.


Of course, I love it when partners play with mine, but I almost love playing with other boobs. It’s so fun to feel what a woman’s breasts feel like… how they feel in my hand/mouth.”


The abve may be a justifying reason why one Olamigoke would not let his wife have peace in the house. As it is, the wife, Olamigoke Olayemi is begging for solution to her husband’s incessant demand for breast sucking. In their courtship days, Olayemi took it for romance. I’m dealing with a man that likes breast a lot.


Even when we were dating, he liked sucking and playing with my breast more than sex. Now we are married for three years and we have a son but my mummies, my husband has refused to let my baby enjoy breast as a baby.


Can you imagine I feed both father and son together here, except when he went to work?


At night, my husband will finish the breast milk for my baby. If I complain, he will start crying like a baby, saying I don’t love him again; that it is our son that I love. Now, he buys palm wine, saying it boost breast milk. Each night, I will spread my breast like wigs for both of them.

One will be dragging me at right and the other at left. When I wake in the morning, I will be feeling dizzy. Sometimes, my husband will be looking at my baby with bad eyes and hissing that this child will finish the breast for him.


He is even saying I should stop breast feeding our son after six months; that he doesn’t want the breast to finish for him. She then asked: “Mamas, how do I handle him? Help me out! Please, I need help on how to go about this issue. One Adaora Sophia said: “God! How can we handle this?


I feel your pain. But the truth remains that you alone can handle it. Stand on your two legs and say no! It’s not normal. Women that give birth to twins at times, use milk to compliment. How can you be breast feeding a child and a fullfledged adult? Marriage is not slavery. God didn’t create it so.


There are things you will vehemently say no to in marriage and this is one of them. You are heavily inconvenienced. So sorry! Udeorah Chioma said: Ife erika! It’s obvious you married an over pampered last born…..imagine!


He cries that his own baby will finish the breast milk. Ogunudu? When you marry a baby last born, you experience unbelievable things.

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