Why I celebrated Miss Jamaica’s crowning as Miss World – Nyekachi Douglas, Miss World Africa

Following her stellar performance at the recently-held Miss World pageant which held in London, the United Kingdom, Nyekachi Douglas, who represented Nigeria at the global event after she emerged Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, is back in the country. Back in October 2019, she represented Rivers State went on to reach the top five at Miss World but it was her reaction – celebrating with considerable verve when Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World. In this interview with ROSEMARY NWOSU, Douglas, who gained the title of Miss World Africa as well as Miss World Top Model, spoke about the experience, challenges and more.


Now that you are able to catch your breath at least, how would you describe the entire experience?


It was amazing, I even lost my voice and even speaking to you now is a huge task. But given the opportunity to represent Nigeria on a global stage and being introduced to the world and as well introducing some to our country is a huge privilege for me. It is marvelous thinking about the amount of love that I have received throughout the whole process.


I am grateful to Silverbird for giving me this opportunity and I also thank the entire Nigerians as a whole. I love it when I see unity and I love the way we came together to help me succeed. People kept voting, usually we are not big in voting as a people, even people that didn’t have much money took their time out to make sure they saw me succeed as Miss World Africa and that’s just amazing.

I think the thing that you can’t take away from this country is unity, how we support each other. Silverbird is doing an amazing job.


You know, I am a normal girl, just like every other girl out there. Silverbird has taken me from Nigeria and has put me on a platform where I am now set to keep empowering young ladies. It’s amazing and it’s something that is very important to our world and I have to say thank you to everyone. Thank you so much everyone and thank you to Nigeria.


So, many will be wondering why you celebrated so much on stage despite not winning the Miss World crown? You know at that point, it was just a try. Every single one of the ladies had been trying to fight for the same thing.



We were all trying to empower the community and empower women so there is no reason to fight for the future there is no reason not to be happy for whoever emerges.


My mother told me that if you like something, you need to be happy for that thing and you need to appreciate it and that is what I did on stage appreciating Tony. She is an amazing woman, strong woman and she is an embodiment of a queen and I believe that she is going to really show us what a queen really looks like and she is going to really make us proud.


She is representing everyone including countries like Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Ghana and the world as a whole. You know she is not just Miss Jamaica now but the queen of entire world. That’s one woman that I think that can do it and I am so happy and I know that it’s not just me.



I reacted the way I did and you only saw me because I was right beside her. As for the other girls, of course they were crazy as well. It’s unity; you know, empowering each other, our coming together is to make each other stronger because we are fighting for the same thing. I am so happy and   am thankful to God. How do you feel being crowned Miss World Africa? It was just, Nyekachi that handed over as Miss Universe and MBGN and now Miss World Africa.


Then it keeps going on and the latest chance is that of me being a representation of not just myself, not just Rivers state, not just Nigeria but the entire Africa. It’s a great privilege, blessing and it’s something I will not take lightly but hold with so much passion, grace and respect. This crown is quite small but it means the world to me and I can’t wait to get to work for the entire Africa, I am honestly going to be working side-by-side with Tony and I am so excited.


It’s a huge blessing. What major challenges would you recall as having encountered during it all? Well, as a normal human being, I feel like there will be a time when you kind of doubt yourself but then I met so many wonderful ladies and then Mr Anthony Abraham, Jesus Christ! I would call him in the middle of the night to ask him how I can make this better, you can only imagine the level of support from Silverbird Group, Mr Ben Bruce, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, all together as an organisation.


They backed me up with such overwhelming support, the kind of support that anybody would succeed with and I am so grateful for that. And I say in a time when I felt I wasn’t really up to it, I’m grateful I had someone to remind me. So I guess I can say one difficulty I had was self doubt but I am glad that I overcame it by the grace of God.


What plan do you have for Africa, in terms of what you think Africa can do better? The Miss World pageant has really helped as it afforded me the opportunity of meeting these other ladies from other countries, from which I have learnt so much.


There is something that really stands out, it is unity and togetherness, not just in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole. I know when all of us come together, we will work hand-in-hand. I feel when we are united, there is really nothing that can bring us down. It will be easier for us to conquer anything, no diseases can bring down unity so it will be so much easier for us to overcome anything if we are acting together. Unity is something I want to bring all around Africa.


You were invited to Jamaica apparently due to the love you showed the young woman from there. Tell us about it. Jamaica is like a blessing to me. That is a place I have always wanted to go. I have a Jamaican friend whose name is Soila.

I love her so much, she was so sweet to me and you can tell that Jamiaca has sweet and lovely people.


The amount of love they showered on me, I can’t even keep up with Instagram anymore because these people just keep showing me love. Sometimes you need someone to remind you when you are doing something great. All these comments, likes and posts people are doing for me and Jamaicans are doing for me are really building me. It’s all helping me to be a stronger woman and also be a woman that will empower other women.


So I am so grateful to Jamaica and I thank them so much for treating me like one of their own. How are you looking forward to meeting these people? I cannot wait to meet them because I want to show them the kind of love they showed to me. I can’t wait to meet them in person, I am so grateful. I love every single one of them.

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