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Why I may end up as baby daddy –Denrele Edun

It may not come as a shock to know that Television host and entertainer, Denrele Edun’s adrenaline rush and energetic nature started way back in 1994 when his parents put him in the church choir. Back then, 13-year-old Edun knew how to start a tsunami with his dance steps when it was time for thanksgiving. And so, his ever energetic stunts on prestigious red carpets around the world may not be as a result of being high on alcohol as many believe. In this interview with IFEOMA ONONYE, the number one crazy guy in Nigeria’s showbiz says he is still searching for a wife and wouldn’t mind being a baby-daddy if that is his only way of having children that he loves so much


When you were younger, you were a chorister in Hoares Memorial Methodist Church, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. Tell us about those days. Did you have a good voice and why are you not harnessing that talent?


I joined the church choir in 1994 when I was in Junior Secondary Schools 3, JSS 3. Because in 1995, I was in SS1 and I started Kiddies show on NTA Network.


I joined the choir simply because of my father – a warden of the choir. You know our parents, they like carrying all their children into whatever they do. So they packed me and my immediate younger sister. I was assigned to sing in Treble.


But here is the best part. I did not have a fascinating or enchanting singing voice. I still can’t sing to save my life. In that choir, I just knew that I was just wasting my freaking time but my dad won’t allow me be and of course my grandma, God bless her soul, was so excited about my being in the choir.


So I could not leave. Then I found out that if I could not sing, then let me wow them with my best dance steps. The way I used to dance made people assume that I was the best singer in the choir. When it was time for thanksgiving, I was always the last to come out. And I will give them the Denrele number.


Every Sunday, those who traveled will buy me things. Other choristers got jealous because it was as if I am the only one always seen. My secret was revealed when they took us for training in another church.


They pressed a key on the keyboard and said, take that key and give us a sound with it. Every chorister knew their tune, except me.


When it got to my turn, I was to do a duet with another person, and they realised I was singing off key, off tune, off melody. And they realised that I was just entertaining.


But it was my family church, the church I grew up in. Though I could not sing fantastically, I couldn’t hit every note or touch the octave or falsettos, I knew how to start a tsunami with my dance.


When I did not get the keys, they sent me to alto part from treble and I did not like alto because people in alto where not particularly nice. Again, I resorted to my usual dancing. I got the award for the most engaging and entertaining chorister.


Right now, do you still go to church?


I haven’t been to church since the lockdown. And I haven’t been to my family church in years.


Do you change church every Sunday?


I am not one of those people that change church every Sunday but you see that choir singing that time was epic for me. At some point, I had to leave the choir because at a time, my style was not going down well with some of the choristers and the choirmaster.


Then, I had a long ponytail at the back. My hair was normal punk but I had been growing the ponytail for years. And then one day, they told me to cut it. I left and after thinking about it for a while, I took blade and cut it. I came back but my face was not happy.


They still told me to disrobe because under my choir robe, I used to wear boots and I will carry knapsack so it will look like I have hunch back. I remember I and my best friend, Debayo Bickersteth, he is in Canada now. His younger sister is married to OC Ukeje.


Then because we were close friends, we used to do amebo (gossip). I later had to leave the choir because there were so much drama going on. I decided to move to the youth church and we started doing a lot of choreography and sing. I felt more at home with the youth church. Back then, I was still hustling, modeling, acting and from there I went into other things.


So back then was when your scatterbrain started?


Of course it was from way back. I knew that I love to wear some things that an average Nigerian or churchgoer would not wear. Back then, I used to fight karate as a blue belter and I used to tie my belt on my head.


During my choir singing days, the best time that I used to shine was during the harvest. The children harvest, the English harvest and the Yoruba harvest. I’d come out with my dance in every tribe they call. People loved me for that, they gave me gifts. It was very great for me.


It was not as if I was d o i n g it to get a t t e n – tion or anything. Dancing re a l l y well was all I could do so I dazzled them. I was dancing for the Lord and was praying for a lot of things and they came to pass.


For some people to be able to have your kind of energy or face crowd like you, they have to be high on alcohol or smoke. How often do you drink?


I don’t have to drink to be myself. I don’t have to smoke. Of recent, someone gave me a browny and while eating it, I had that out-of-body character and I could not really function.

I tried it that once and I stopped. I don’t have to drink. My energy is natural. I am vibrant. I am vivacious and flamboyant, I am outlandish and in your face. When I am on stage, its about winning attention or curry favour, its about being entertaining.


I am also catching my own cruise knowing that I am having a good laugh at myself at the same time. I don’t take myself seriously.


The last time we spoke, you said you were looking forward to your own marriage and having your own children. You are turning 40 in 2021, what is happening to that dream of having children?


It will happen. I have taken care of too many people’s children to not want to have my own and spoil them. I am definitely looking forward to it.


How many children do you want?


One is okay for me. Nigeria is expensive. Having children in Nigeria is extremely expensive. I drop cap for you all that have three. I will focus my energy on one child, maximum two children. I am not saying that children are not the best gift from God but they are expensive. I will want the best for my kids because I always want the best for my friends’ kids.


So is there a lady waiting to give us the Denrele baby?


I am not even searching anymore because this searching is too much. They keep saying that your life partner is around the corner. I have gone to that corner and there is nobody there. I am tired they should come out of the corner. I am not searching anymore. I am single and not ready to mingle. I just pray to God to let it happen.


From the way you are talking, would you resort to being a baby daddy?


If possible. I will just tell the lady to give me the baby and go and enjoy herself. I will take it from there. I don’t mind being a baby daddy. I will be one of the best father figures in the world. The child will not remember he or she has a mother.


People will wonder how your tuxedo suit will be if you are standing at the alter waiting for your bride?


I have already said it. If I am getting married, my wife will wear a suit, I am going to wear a freaking long dress. It is going to be half suit and half dress. Let me tell you why.


Me, I am my own sugar daddy. I have a strong masculine side that I have designed to take care of my feminine side. I understand myself very well.


If I want a diamond, I will go and buy it for myself without consulting anybody. That day of my wedding I will show my dual personality. I am having a ball with myself






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