Why Nigerians easily find faulT

The problem with finding fault or blame game is that we are quick to judge. It is a known fact that inordinate propensity to blame reduces your ability to think objectively drastically. An intelligent man is capable of shifting his perspectives, to get the complete picture before deciding the shape of the object of his vision. Let us stand a bit on the side of DSS. Let us think, let us put ourselves in their shoes. When we are eager to blame, we are impatient to consider all facts, we fail to relate issues, we fail to learn from the past to understand the present more. Nnamdi Kanu’s offense is very similar to that of Omoyele Sowore, both in type and gravity.


Court granted Kanu bail, with conditions and one of the conditions is a surety and from the newspapers, I learnt a certain senator stood for him.


The government obeyed court order and granted Nnamdi Kanu bail. Kanu jumped bail, the senator who stood surety for him is still in Nigeria. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know what the penalty will be for the surety if the bailed person jumped bail.


But assuming the senator got a brilliant lawyer to poke holes in the bail procedure of the DSS or whatever government agency granted the bail and the agency could do nothing to the surety because of a faulty bail procedure, a big embarrassment to the agency and the government. Anyway our brilliant lawyers apply their brilliance to poke holes in the law to help criminals es cape, in civilized societies you have lawyers like these too, but you have equally brilliant lawyers who apply their brilliance to ensure criminals don’t go scot free and to ensure the innocent are not unjustly indicted.


After now we will be blaming ‘leaders’. Is it not because our so-called learned people are more interested in freeing criminals with their talent that criminals are walking free and many innocent beings are in incarceration? Blame the leaders indeed. Back to our scenario.

Assuming the DSS has gone back to look at the conditions and found the loopholes in the bail conditions and have blocked them to the effect that no brilliance will save you if you stand surety for an accused and the latter jumped bail. And when DSS rolled out this new procedure, those who would have stepped into the limelight by standing for Sowore are now growing cold feet. We are just considering a scenario o, I said let us think. DSS is saying that those capable of standing for Sowore have not shown up, our learned brother said they were there and Sowore was not released to them.


Is it not a simple thing to go back there on appointment with pressmen, ready to fulfill all bail conditions and see if DSS will refuse to release the accused in the full glare of the world? Let us tarry awhile before jumping to conclusions on matters little substance of which is clear to us. A shift in perspective is always profitable

*Bakare, a social commentator, lives in Abuja

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