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Woman discovers part of ear missing after nose operation

A Chinese woman identified only as Ms Zhao has been left shocked after she had nose surgery at the Angel Wing Hospital in Chengdu but woke up to discover that a chunk of her ear cartilage had been removed, allegedly without her consent. The 31-year-old underwent a rhinoplasty procedure at the hospital on Monday, November 16, her second procedure in five years.

She told Chinese media that she felt fine after the procedure and even felt good until she discovered that something was wrong with her right ear two days after the surgery. The tragus, that small, pointy cartilage on the inside of the inner side of the ear, had obviously been surgically removed, only no one had informed her about it.

When she confronted the hospital staff about this, she was told that it was normal procedure and that she had given her consent by signing an agreement that mentioned that “cartilage for rhinoplasty” would be used. Zhao is reportedly embarrassed about the look of her ear and has demanded a full refund, financial compensation as well as a new operation to fix her ear. The 31-year-old’s conflict with the Chengdu hospital has resulted in heated arguments which the police had to intervene.


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