‘Women need partnership than competition


The common call among women is that of striking gender balance all over the world. This was the main campaign theme for this year International Women’s Day (IWD); Balance for better, looking at practical ways to bringing about change that can be implemented.
It was a day women came together to look at how they can work together and provide enabling environment for themselves so as to get achievable results instead of competition.
The day which was a global day celebration had its Nigeria session organised by Exquisite Magazine where panelists discussed social economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The panelists, who had thrived on entrepreneurship, want other women to cease the opportunity to create real exchange in other sectors of life.
One of the panelists, Mrs. Ikeji –Kanu, author and an entrepreneur, said that, “the IWD has gotten to the level where women need to help one another in other to do better. “I studied psychology, before I found it boring in reading and writing, after my book, how to make money on Instagram was published. I encouraged youths to read because it is essential. When you read, you learn. I am here to encourage more young people to be determined to read in order to be better,” she said.
For Mrs. Eno Essien, Chief Executive Officer, (CEO), Rheytrak, an IT company that installs devices in vehicles, lamented that women saw Engineering as very difficult area. “In my line of business, as a Vehicle tracker, I am the only woman. It would be good to have more women involved in vehicle tracking industry. I had a shocking experience that propelled me to do a lot of research on the internet on vehicle tracker. I was self-taught and I have sustained the business for 12 years. I studied Microbiology, there is no way you can relate it. Once you have passion for something, you develop yourself on it: the drive in you makes it easy. As woman, we need to support one another, we need to support ourselves more, and strength has no gender, you can do anything.”
The Chief Executive Officer of Boardwalk, Mrs. Ghanaughn Brown emphasized more on Core values and Culture as necessary tool for women to design in their sector, which she considered as the only way to thrive in a company or firm. She simply puts it that, “Core values is how women that are CEOs of entrepreneurs run their business. What we value in a firm is to have a deep understanding of who we are, it makes it easier for the person to grow,” she said.
The CEO of Campos Global Services, Mrs. Tokunbo Chiedu, who was not among the panelists, but observed that, “Sometimes, women compete instead of collaboration. Women in the community should see us as women enabler supporting the other woman who appears to be weak. A tree does not make a forest but if the forest is full of trees, it becomes quite formidable. The men have camaraderie among themselves; this appreciation is commonly found with the men folks. Even as we celebrate IWD, it is time for us to look inwards, because there are things in our community which are limiting us.”
Founder and Editor in chief, Exquisite Magazine, Mrs. Tewa Onasanya said that, “We are calling on women to come together and see how we can create this balance in our lives at home and work life. It might look like we are talking more of entrepreneurial but whatever entrepreneurial we are talking, you can always transfer it to other industries as well. It is just talking more of entrepreneurial, we are focusing on a department of a company that is self-employ, and it is for the entire sector.”
She added that for a company to have standard procedure, there has to be certain structure to be able to hit a target, saying that some people do not have proper structure in place. “You must be able to grow your company into a proper brand and for you to be able to manage people in your company you must have a proper structure that will enable you to achieve goals.
She however urged women to have enabling environment, where tools are provided to work and meet those target, adding that there must be training that will better or improve their skills, so the enabling environment is for you to be able to train your people for you to get the best result that you want.

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